With ProControl® Soccer you have unlimited set-up options of passing walls and shooting walls of two, three and four module designs for individuals to smaller 3-4 player groups and to integreated and more advanced courses to larger groups of players with multiple passing and performance shooting wallas.  We also offer designs for centralized warm-up areas for soccer facilities with ProControl® Soccer to get players ready for their games.  


In short, we have a system to meet every facility and soccer coach, player and team's desire and need.  Let us assist you with the right number of passing and shooting panels.


Below are examples of some ProControl® Soccer designs.

The Champions

The Champions module includes three passing walls and one shooting wall.  Designed for 3 yard to 15 yard spacing.  Get the either a permanent or portable system to be arranged as desired.


No tools or assembly required. Movable walls have removable support frames and hinged ground stakes to ensure no movement upon impact.  Add more walls as desired.

The Intermediate

The Intermediate module is perfect for high school teams providing training for up to 6 players at one time.


The course has 6 shooting walls and 11 passing walls and is 26 yards by 21 yards in size.



The Ultimate

The Ultimate module has everything in repetitive training up to 24 players along with multiple two on two games and three on three games. 


The course has 17 shooting walls and 41 passing walls and is 48 yards by 48 yards in size.



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