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ProControl® Soccer is a New Generation Soccer Training System - Indoor and Outdoor.  This is a MUST HAVE Product for every soccer player, team, coach and facility. 


There is simply NOTHING else offered like this.   For more product information and pricing               

Accelerated Soccer Ball Control

Player Accelerated Ball Control


The world's first individual soccer training system with strategically placed performance wall-boards designed for a lifetime of tough, durable use.


ProControl® Soccer System is designed to rapidly accelerate a player's ball control both at 10 times faster ground and passing game within control.


When you control the ball, you control the game.

High-Rep Soccer Training

Individual High-Rep Soccer Training System


ProControl® Soccer is an unmatched patended training system designed to rapidly enhance indivudual soccer skills most essential to the game.


Beginning with the pass and receive, it further incorporates change of direction, accuracy and quickness all in one repetitive session.


A truly amazing soccer development training aid.

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Tough Walls - Guatranteed High Perfprmance


The ProControl Soccer is designed for a lifetime of tough, durable practice, strike after strike, and backed by a full 2-year warranty.


The walls feature patented high quality design from solid core construction and high-impact textured coatings.


ProControl® Soccer system is Made in America.

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